Any REAPER user can upload a REAPER theme, JSFX plugin, FX chain, track template, extension, MIDI drum map, tutorial, bug demonstration, audio or MIDI sample, or any other useful resource to the REAPER stash to share with other users.

One of Us
Get help fast! Join our forum.

Technical and how-to questions are often answered within minutes. REAPER's highly experienced, engaged, and helpful user base is one of its greatest assets.

User Guide
The stellar REAPER User Guide has been completely rewritten for REAPER 4.

This comprehensive document is full of illustrated real-world use examples and sensible advice.

Natural Resources
One of REAPER's greatest assets is its creative, helpful, and engaged user community. That community includes talented developers of plug-ins and extension code.

REAPER users have created literally thousands of JSFX audio and MIDI plugins, many of which are included with the REAPER installer, and many more of which can be found in the REAPER user forum or on various user web sites. These plug-ins require no installation: simply copy the plain text file containing the JSFX script into your REAPER/Effects directory.

Third-party developers have also created interesting and useful REAPER extensions. These add-ons integrate directly into REAPER, to provide new custom features and actions that are just as accessible as any built-in REAPER functionality.

Users have also created hundreds of graphics themes for REAPER, to suit almost any taste: bright, dark, sober, garish, shiny and professional, rough and ready. There are themes that are tasteful and restrained, and themes that should probably be illegal. You can copy as many as you like to the REAPER themes folder, and switch between themes by clicking a menu.

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Wiki Wiki
REAPER Wiki is a 100% user-created resource full of articles, tutorials, tips and techniques, even annotated screenshots and how-to videos.

It's a wiki, so there's also a nice layer of randomness over everything.

REAPER Extensions
REAPER's open SDK allows direct integration of third-party extensions, which provide additional features that can be used within REAPER. Extensions are a vital part of the workflow of many REAPER power users.

Extensions are written in C++, using the REAPER extension API.

The SWS Extension is a very popular REAPER add-on. This extension is a collaborative effort that adds advanced shapshots, marker actions, freeze actions, color utilities, and hundreds of other indispensable features.