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REAPER supports all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 11.

REAPER supports Linux on Intel and ARM architectures, and the Windows version works well with WINE.

REAPER supports macOS 10.5* to macOS 12.


Windows 64-bit
REAPER v6.78 - 15MB
Windows x64
Also available: Windows 32-bit - 14MB


Linux x86_64
REAPER v6.78 - 11MB
Linux x86-64/AMD64 64-bit
Also available:       Linux i686 - 11MB


macOS 10.15+
REAPER v6.78 - 25MB
Universal for Intel and ARM64
macOS 10.5-10.14
REAPER v6.78 - 21MB
64-bit Intel, optimized for
macOS <=10.14
Also available:       macOS 32-bit - 19MB

Note: the macOS 10.15+ macOS download is notarized and uses the "hardened runtime," which may reduce compatibility with certain plug-ins. You may still run the regular 64-bit macOS download on macOS 10.15 - macOS 12; however, you must shift+right click and choose "Open" when running that version for the first time.

REAPER 6.78: something round here at various times

Changelog items below may include links to more information.
  • enable actions for last tweaked parameter for non-track FX
  • show built-in VST/AU/LV2 preset names in FX browser/project bay
  • fix loading of REAPER presets for VST shell plug-ins in FX browser/Project Bay
  • show video processors in project bay
  • show video processor presets in FX browser
MIDI editor
  • improve performance when removing MIDI items/switching editor contexts
  • fix window position saving when maximized/zoomed on Linux/macOS
  • screensets include maximized/zoomed window state
  • when restoring screensets, obey preference for opening all project or all track MIDI
  • $marker wildcard matches the first marker within the rendered time range, or latest marker before the start
  • display correct file length in render statistics chart when using custom project playrate
  • display peaks for the file that is selected in render statistics list view
  • fix displaying extra rows in render statistics when using secondary render format and rendering multiple files
  • add action to maximize height of selected items in free item positioning mode
  • fix time selection sometimes being cleared when running action to set tempo from selection
  • auto-name new MIDI items similarly to new audio media items, without "untitled MIDI item"
  • snap edge edits to start/end points of non-looping but pooled MIDI items
  • improve description of render postprocessing (normalize/limit/fade)
Project tabs
  • doubleclick empty area in tab list to create new tab
  • do not snap to phantom loop points of non-looping items
Track panels
  • improve tooltips for FX bypass button with no FX
Vertical zoom
  • fix issues with themes that have duplicate common heights defined
  • change 12/14/16 channel mode priority to default to 6.75 behavior
  • fix keyboard focus on various rename windows

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