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REAPER supports all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 11.

REAPER supports Linux on Intel and ARM architectures, and the Windows version works well with WINE.

REAPER supports macOS 10.5* to macOS 12.


Windows 64-bit
REAPER v6.71 - 15MB
Windows x64
Also available: Windows 32-bit - 14MB


Linux x86_64
REAPER v6.71 - 11MB
Linux x86-64/AMD64 64-bit
Also available:       Linux i686 - 11MB


macOS 10.15+
REAPER v6.71 - 25MB
Universal for Intel and ARM64
macOS 10.5-10.14
REAPER v6.71 - 21MB
64-bit Intel, optimized for
macOS <=10.14
Also available:       macOS 32-bit - 19MB

Note: the macOS 10.15+ macOS download is notarized and uses the "hardened runtime," which may reduce compatibility with certain plug-ins. You may still run the regular 64-bit macOS download on macOS 10.15 - macOS 12; however, you must shift+right click and choose "Open" when running that version for the first time.

REAPER 6.71: Old in the Body, Not in the Mind

Changelog items below may include links to more information.
  • add support for CLAP plugins
  • support "cockos.reaper_extension", which returns a reaper_plugin_info_t structure for REAPER API access (see reaper_plugin.h)
  • add project setting to auto-bypass plug-ins that report tail length, with user-defined silence threshold
  • add per-instance setting to auto-bypass plug-in (uses automatic tail detection if plug-in does not report tail length)
  • add compatibility setting to force automatic tail detection, allowing plug-ins to opt-in to project auto-bypass
Media explorer
  • greatly improve search speed with large databases
  • improve get_action_context() (see documentation)
  • add GetEnvelopeUIState()
  • add GetSetProjectInfo_String MARKER_INDEX_FROM_GUID: support
  • add param.X.[learn|lfo|acs|plink|mod] to [Track|Take]FX_[Get|Set]NamedConfigParm capabilities
  • add VIDEO_CODE and vst_chunk/vst_chunk_program/clap_chunk to [Track|Take]FX_[Get|Set]NamedConfigParm capabilities
  • add SetTrackUI[Volume/Pan/Width/Mute/Solo/RecArm/InputMonitor/Polarity] with grouping options and fewer side effects than their CSurf_ equivalents
  • add support for numerous keyboard/action-related APIs that were previously C-only
  • allow accessing envelopes for FX parameters that have modulation but no envelope points
  • extend SetProjectMarkerByIndex2 to allow deferred re-sort of project markers
  • update InsertMedia/InsertMediaSection to support modifying RS5k on arbitrary track index, improve docs
  • fix possible mislabeling of generic metadata in source properties dialog and media explorer
  • optionally include metadata in render and batch converter presets
  • support embedding ID3 tags in .aiff files
  • support displaying embedded metadata images (cover art, etc) in MP3, FLAC, WAV, AIFF source properties dialog
Batch converter
  • attempt to preserve original image metadata if possible
  • do not override user-added metadata when preserving source metadata
  • maintain converter-specific metadata rather than using project metadata
FX browser
  • improve configuration for hiding duplicate plug-ins of different types
  • when hiding duplicates, ignore trailing channel counts
  • add ext_tail_size in order to support auto-bypass
  • update many built-in FX to support auto-bypass
  • support localizing layout category names, wiring diagram labels, etc
  • support longer action names in action dialog/custom actions editor
  • fix UTF-8 in time-signature marker editor combo box on Windows
  • fix deconvolution tail trimming
  • support deconvolution of more than 2 channels
  • fix resource leak in WMF colorspace conversion
  • make action to clear cache/re-render frames asynchronous from decoding
  • restore 6.69 and earlier behavior of _0 in gfx_evalrect()
  • do not use VST3 bus silenceFlags if buggy compatibility mode is set
  • activate/deactivate VST3 busses on the fly in response to pin mapper changes
  • move more of PDC buffer initialization to playback start
  • prioritize displaying higher-confidence text from embedded cue data
  • support reading/writing BW64 files (ADM metadata is ignored)
  • fix occasional failure when embedding image metadata in rendered FLAC file
  • improve keyboard handling for plug-ins
  • fix various incorrectly displayed keyboard shortcuts in menus
Media import
  • ignore numbers that look like sample rates (e.g. "48k") when attempting to interpret tempo from filename
Media items
  • arrange overlapping items by the order the items were added to the track
  • fix recording of multiple takes via retroactive record
  • add rendering option to disable auto-bypass when using offline render/apply FX/etc
Project bay
  • add FX menu item to toggle auto-bypass
  • support silence-processing optimizations
  • do not automatically set render source to render matrix when opening region manager
  • fix undo state issues via RS5k manager script
  • optimize processing when sends are effectively inactive
Web interface
  • fix fancier.html record armed track detection with a single track
  • process hook functions for actions that are executed via WM_COMMAND or KBD_OnMainActionEx

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