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REAPER supports all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10.

REAPER has experimental native support for Linux, and the Windows version works well with WINE.

REAPER supports all macOS X versions from 10.5* to 10.14.

Windows 32-bit
REAPER v5.978 - 10MB
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Windows 64-bit
REAPER v5.978 - 11MB
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 x64
OS X 32-bit
REAPER v5.978 - 15MB
OS X 10.5-10.13
OS X 64-bit
REAPER v5.978 - 17MB
OS X 10.5-10.14
Experimental builds
Note: Linux builds are experimental and unsupported. Please read the included readme.txt for more information.
Linux armv7l
REAPER v5.978 - 8MB
ARM 32-bit HF (raspberry pi 2+)
Linux aarch64
REAPER v5.978 - 8MB
ARM 64-bit
Linux i686
REAPER v5.978 - 9MB
x86 32-bit
Linux x86_64
REAPER v5.978 - 9MB
x86-64/AMD64 64-bit
REAPER 5.978: Up and away, got a big day, sorry can't stay
Changelog items below may include links to more information.
  • ARA: improve behavior when copying ARA plug-in to another track via drag and drop
  • ARA: improve selection/undo history behavior when adding ARA plug-in to existing FX chain
  • Automation items: fix issues with bypass envelopes and PDC
  • Linux: use realtime for reaper_host_xxx if REAPER running realtime
  • Linux: implement memory use warnings, memory use in help text
  • macOS: improve behavior when closing file/directory browse windows
  • Notation editor: improve phrase handling when notes are filtered out
  • Theme: fix save/load of grid line draw mode on macOS/Linux
  • VST: use VST3 enum steps for generic parameter UI
  • Windows: fix potential memory error when performance meter is open (thanks Gabriel Ivancescu)
  • Bounce: add action to bounce using most recent settings
  • Bounce: add option to silently increment recorded filename
  • Elastique: fix large memory use
  • MIDI editor: improve event editor behavior when switching between CP/AT types
  • Notation editor: when setting custom notehead for a given pitch, also reset previously customized noteheads at that pitch
  • Project bay: fix column collision between FX parameter and automation item tabs
  • Track templates: preserve MIDI pools within templates on load, but do not pool loaded MIDI with existing MIDI
  • Automation items: copying AIs copies extension state
  • Envelopes: fix default bezier tension when adding automation item to otherwise empty envelope
  • MIDI: fix diamonds/triangles peak view for very low numbered MIDI notes
  • Media explorer: improve performance with large databases
  • Mousewheel: add undo points when changing track volume/pan/width via mousewheel
  • Project bay: always display position/length in time for time-based media, beats for beat-based media
  • ReaScript: SetEnvelopeStateChunk() updates envelope panels
  • Stability: fix potential crash when renaming tracks and SWS auto-layout is used
  • Stability: fix project bay automation item-related crash
  • Stretch markers: permit adding markers on audioless video items
  • Transport: improve jump to marker/region menu
(5.975) - ReaScript
  • add GetSetAutomationItemInfo(D_POOL_QNLEN), MIDIEditor_SetSetting_Int()
  • add GetSetProjectInfo_String(RENDER_FORMAT), GetItemFromPoint(), GetTrackFromPoint()
  • add P_EXT: prefix for extension-specific string state for GetSetMediaTrackInfo_String(), GetSetAutomationItemInfo_String(), etc
  • add GetSetTrackSendInfo_String() and GetSetEnvelopeInfo_String() (for P_EXT: use)
  • allow using various GetSet..Value() functions with strings, automatically converting numbers to/from string
  • update to Lua 5.3.5
Automation items
  • apply AIs when applying pan/width via VCA
  • apply AIs when calculating video processor mute/wet values
  • apply AIs when linking track volume/pan to MIDI channels
  • update edge attachment when loading automation item from disk
  • crosslap .ogg files when concatenating to .wav files from imported clipsort.log
  • improve subsample accounting when importing clipsort.log
  • fix ReaNINJAM writing of stereo .wav files of local streams
  • improve ReaNINJAM sound quality at end of each interval
  • duplicate articulations when duplicating notes up/down an octave
  • fix musicxml export issues with multiple voices
  • improve display of tied voiced notes
  • improve proportional spacing display
  • split long beams more predictably
  • fix action to set item start to source media start with negative start offset
  • improve Apply FX/Render Item speed when processing large numbers of files
  • auto-build peaks when pasting if pasted chunk has WANT_PEAKS_BUILD 1 token at top level
  • fix potential crash on closing REAPER
  • fix potential crash when moving media from one ARA track to another
  • improve loading projects when source files were moved or renamed
  • improve performance while stopped when using large numbers of automated parameters
  • improve live FX multiprocessing scheduling with complex routing
  • optimize automated parameter control surface notifications
  • improve keyboard handling with modal window open
  • install SIGPIPE handler
Media explorer
  • import automation item name when inserting via media explorer action
  • support drag-import of multiple automation items at once
  • add action to remove duplicate selected events (existing action only removed duplicate notes)
  • send MIDI CCs to parent/sends when track has MIDI controls enabled but no media nor FX
  • more efficient import of .mid files with many duplicate events
Project bay
  • add support for automation items
  • optimize copy/move of large numbers of files
  • allow dither and noise shaping when rendering stems
  • fix potentially incorrect region time wildcards
  • display selected regions (for rendering) more distinctly
  • add context menu item to render individual regions
Take FX
  • add actions to set take FX on/offline
  • update FX window titles when duplicating take via action
  • flush all take FX on playback start
  • improve mute/solo swipe behavior when there are hidden grouped tracks
  • improve multimonitor tooltip behavior
  • improve take envelope button drag/click behaviors
  • automatically default to VST3 soft reset for plug-ins that appear to support setProcessing
  • prevent hard reset from called from audio thread when flushing buffers
  • prevent race condition where audio device could be left in a closed state when loading a project that changes audio device samplerate
  • update to v3.3.0
  • prevent network related SIGPIPE crashes
  • fix incorrect saving of action bindings for non-main sections
Project help
  • report correct time since last manual project save
Project save
  • optimize copying of project media files
  • losslessly encode long/complex track/take/marker/region names in project/undo state
  • add option to snap time selection to media item edges
  • add new HSV blend mode with bugfixes, old behavior is now deprecated HSV adjust blend mode
  • safer <EXTSTATE encoding of long ascii strings, more efficient encoding of shorter UTF-8 strings

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