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REAPER supports all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10.

REAPER has experimental native support for Linux, and the Windows version works well with WINE.

REAPER supports all macOS X versions from 10.5* to 10.14.

Windows 32-bit
REAPER v5.980 - 10MB
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Windows 64-bit
REAPER v5.980 - 11MB
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 x64
OS X 32-bit
REAPER v5.980 - 15MB
OS X 10.5-10.13
OS X 64-bit
REAPER v5.980 - 17MB
OS X 10.5-10.14
Experimental builds
Note: Linux builds are experimental and unsupported. Please read the included readme.txt for more information.
Linux armv7l
REAPER v5.980 - 8MB
ARM 32-bit HF (raspberry pi 2+)
Linux aarch64
REAPER v5.980 - 8MB
ARM 64-bit
Linux i686
REAPER v5.980 - 9MB
x86 32-bit
Linux x86_64
REAPER v5.980 - 9MB
x86-64/AMD64 64-bit
REAPER 5.980: Sincerity is the key to success. Once you learn to fake that, you've got it made.
Changelog items below may include links to more information.
  • don't preserve relative differences between points when editing via action
  • fix inconsistency when loading projects with bezier envelope points
  • fix time selection edits that start at the beginning of a media item
  • improve UI performance when recording send volume/pan automation
  • add option to render selected tracks via master
  • improve use of $item wildcard when rendering project regions
  • support $item and $track wildcards when rendering selected media items via master
  • when rendering selected tracks or media items via master, also render children and receives
  • fix potential crash on macOS/Linux when auto-switching visible FX chain
  • fix ReaTune per-take FX tail issue
  • fix system Services menu
  • use standard Window/Help menu ordering
  • add osx_max_open_files= reaper.ini tweak
MIDI editor
  • handle converting multiple selected events between 2-byte and 3-byte messages
  • support copy/pasting events between CC lanes and channel pressure lane
Mouse modifiers
  • fix preference to ignore targeting media item lower half
  • improve handling of empty take lanes when targeting media item lower half
Notation editor
  • fix chasing key signature changes when displaying multiple tracks
  • fix chasing clef changes when media items overlap
  • do not set all media online after building peaks
  • fix bug in waveform drawing with some themes and settings (5.979 regression)
  • improve low-latency behavior by avoiding destroying media buffers from audio threads
  • fix live FX multiprocessing issue with folder tracks causing media buffer underruns
  • reduce audio device underruns when pausing
  • simplify display of line numbers in IDE error messages
  • improve Python compatibility with unicode strings
  • limit preset dropdown to 512 presets of each type
  • improve support for VST3 MIDI program change messages
  • handle ARA state load error without interfering with extension state loading
Arrange view
  • avoid excessive redraws during some mouse edits
Jump to time
  • add support for jumping to relative time in earliest selected media item
  • improve alignment of various auto-resized controls when arranged in columns
Media items
  • add optional per-item ruler display
  • fix slowness when opening mixer
  • fix issue with calling nudge-by-settings-slot before opening nudge window
  • in frame mode, display one tick mark per frame when possible
  • improve automatic button images for various Set: actions

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