Read more about REAPER's audio, MIDI, and technical details.
Feature Highlights

File Format Flexibility
  • Drag and drop to import single or multitrack MIDI, tempo maps, or sysex
  • Store MIDI events in-project, or as external .mid files
  • Export single or multiple items, or entire projects, as type 0 or 1 .mid files, including tempo map

MIDI Recording Options
  • Record MIDI input in replace, overdub, or touch-replace mode
  • Record track MIDI output to capture MIDI plug-in processing
  • Mix audio and MIDI on a single track, route MIDI with track channels or sends just as freely as audio

MIDI Editing
  • Edit in the built-in MIDI editor, or inline in the main arrange view
  • Piano roll, drum editor, and event list views
  • View MIDI loops in sync with the arrange view, or as a single loop iteration
  • Edit multiple MIDI items in a single editor, activate items for editing with a single click

  • Use any of dozens of included JSFX MIDI processing plug-ins, or create your own
  • Route MIDI as freely as audio for creative audio-vs-MIDI processing or sidechaining
  • Quick, configurable, and accurate step sequencing, non-destructive quantization and humanization

Plays Well With Others
  • Easy-to-configure support for multiple controllers, for use as recording and/or control surfaces
  • Per-device timing calibration and fine-tuning
  • Automatic MIDI/audio record and playback synchronization