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REAPER supports all Windows version from Windows XP to Windows 10.

The Windows version also works well with WINE.

REAPER supports all OS X versions from 10.5* to 10.11.

Windows 32-bit
REAPER v5.15 - 8MB
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Windows 64-bit
REAPER v5.15 - 10MB
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 x64
OS X 32-bit
REAPER v5.15 - 13MB
OS X 10.5-10.11
OS X 64-bit
REAPER v5.15 - 14MB
OS X 10.5-10.11
REAPER 5.15: Happy New Monkey
  • automatically use absolute mouse editing for stepped pitch, fx param enum and toggle envelopes
  • improve sample accurate automation, fix parameter modulation issues with sample accurate plug-ins
  • improved automation recording behavior for toggle/enum parameters
  • improved automation recording for bypass envelopes in latch/write modes
  • improved automation recording for mute envelopes in latch/write modes
  • support enum/toggle FX parameter envelopes
  • improve accuracy of VCA envelope combination
  • fix label for unnamed 14-bit CCs in list editor .
  • fix switch from Grid to custom quantize settings in MIDI editor quantize window
  • fix MIDI editor toolbar feedback for set grid preserving type actions
  • fix timing of time selection consolidate project MIDI exports
  • configurable CC reset values for all CCs, default expression to 127
  • improve timing when extending left edge of unlooped MIDI items .
  • fix VST3 factory preset compatibility with Waves
  • improve automation behavior with VST3 plug-ins that do not properly support sample accurate automation
  • fix excess automation notifications from some plug-ins .
  • fix preset combo box display issues on Windows
  • improve enum/toggle parameter detection
  • improve plug-in scanning compatibility broken in 5.0pre8
Control surfaces
  • support HUI/DM2000 MCP/TCP views via fader button
  • support HUI/DM2000 flip mode via pan button
  • support HUI/DM2000 pan knob press to reset pan
  • use a global bank offset for all HUI interfaces
  • do not enable hardware outputs when an unsoloed track sends to a solo-in-placed track .
  • do not input monitor MIDI on tracks that are unsoloed-in-place
  • fix various possible glitches when using solo and routing
  • send noteoffs for track media when unsoloed-in-place .
  • add parameter "Other events (CC, etc) pass through" to midi_note_filter .
  • remove zipper noises when adjusting volume_pan_sample_accurate_auto manually
Media explorer
  • fix reset of last path in certain instances
  • sanity check timestamps to avoid localtime() errors
  • allow override of optimized drawing setting in Preferences/General/Advanced
  • improved OSX drawing performance/behavior on 10.5-10.9
  • fixed 64-bit listview exceptions
  • fix support for pan laws with newer pan modes on master track
  • optimized pan law calculations
  • properly show non-customized pan law for master track
  • fix realtime peaks display error with short sources
  • fixed instances where peaks building could be interrupted by editing
  • support new extended-range peaks format for FP WAV/WavPack files
  • add option for default path for save/load new project
  • do not treat lone CR as line endings in project files .
  • improve filename resolving when loading projects saved on a different platform
  • do not adjust time selection when saving project along with normal renders
  • store render tail length/configuration per-project, support render queue
Ripple editing
  • add right click menu to ripple toolbar button
  • add option to allow ripple-all to affect tempo map
  • arrange-view tooltips can now cross track boundaries
  • show relative move amounts for item, envelope, and stretch marker edits
  • updated to v3.1.4 (performance and memory use improvements)
  • preference option to allow filtering all browser views, filter Waves AU on OS X by default
  • fix auto-insertion of duplicate marker/region numbers
  • support ( and ) for more power, e.g. '( Spectrum OR Scope ) NOT ( VST: OR AU: )'
Stretch markers
  • allow setting rate mouse modifier to "no action"
  • fix docked fullscreen issue on OSX 10.11
  • add 32-bit FP mode with -144, -120, or -96dB floor for better compression ratios
  • add CountSelectedTracks2, GetSelectedTrack2 (to include the master track)
  • add CreateTrackSend, RemoveTrackSend, GetTrackSendInfo_Value, SetTrackSendInfo_Value
  • add ExecProcess
  • add GetSetProjectNotes
  • add TrackFX_GetUserPresetFilename
  • enable GetSetMediaTrackInfo and related function support for P_ICON .

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