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REAPER supports all Windows version from Windows XP to Windows 10.

The Windows version also works well with WINE.

REAPER supports all macOS X versions from 10.5* to 10.12.

Windows 32-bit
REAPER v5.27 - 9MB
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Windows 64-bit
REAPER v5.27 - 11MB
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 x64
OS X 32-bit
REAPER v5.27 - 14MB
OS X 10.5-10.12
OS X 64-bit
REAPER v5.27 - 16MB
OS X 10.5-10.12
REAPER 5.27: We are great programmers, folks. We make the best software. Really terrific software. Everybody says it's the best. (applause)
  • support PDF export
  • add various minor improvements in appearance
  • clear all comp/group names when creating new project .
  • improve handling of comp names with undo and cut/paste .
  • respect grouping when loading comp or moving active comp to top lane .
  • preserve comps when splitting items .
  • various bugfixes
  • add menu item to copy FX with automation, bound to ctrl+alt+C
  • support drag and drop copy with automation via shift+ctrl+drag FX
  • add Copy/Paste to mixer FX context menu
  • reduce Windows MIDI hardware output jitter
  • import type 1 MIDI files with channel data in the tempo track .
MusicXML import
  • improve support for MIDI channels .
  • handle multitrack/multichannel import similarly to MIDI import .
Ripple editing
  • fix potential hang when using locked items and "locked items interrupt edits" .
  • improve locked item behavior when inserting/removing items
  • rewrite undo history when renaming file via media item properties .
  • process any latent FX notifications when calling Undo_EndBlock() via API
  • fix take envelope paste with take playrates .
  • improve handling of item group names with undo and cut/paste .
  • avoid attempted mkdir /Volumes/... when path does not exist
  • fix preview display with channel conversion while building peaks .
Project bay
  • improve handling of empty takes
Take lanes
  • include selected+grouped takes when switching takes via lane .
  • fix VST3 UI issues with various plug-ins
  • improve handling of certain malformed paths

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