Version 4.71
July 15, 2014

Windows 32-bit
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Windows 64-bit
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 x64

Windows versions also support Wine/Wine64

Windows 32-bit version has limited support for Windows 98/ME

OS X 32-bit
OS X 10.4-10.9

OS X 64-bit
OS X 10.5-10.9

OS X 10.4-10.5

Version 4.71 Changelog
This is a tasty burger

  • 4.71:
    • Audio Units: Windows build properly maintain Audio Unit state
    • Audio Units: better display sorting in FX browser
    • Audio Units: better identification of plug-ins, handling of changing plug-in names
    • Media explorer: fixed intermittent seek behavior
    • Mouse modifiers: restored previous default behavior of mouse middle button click (move edit cursor ignoring snap) .
    • UI: small optimizations to graphics performance
  • Performance:
    • improved track panel/mixer panel UI behavior/performance with large track counts .
    • various FX preset improvements
    • Region manager better handles large region/marker counts
    • Region render matrix better handles large region counts
    • Track manager better handles large track counts
  • Project tabs:
    • save project tab list on exit, restore on startup
    • option to prompt for action on startup (last project, last project tabs, recent projects, new project, etc)
    • option to prompt on startup when project previously failed to load
    • new actions including 'Close all project but current' and 'New project tab (ignore default template)'
    • improved prompt for save before exiting (show a list of all unsaved projects)
  • OSX:
    • much faster drawing for Retina Macs
    • faster drawing on newer OSX versions
  • Actions:
    • toggle track solo/mute/FX bypass/record-arm/visibility report ON/OFF states
    • selected track under mouse cursor will scroll track into view in other contexts
    • added nudge take/item volume +1db/-1dB, or reset item to 0dB
    • explode multichannel media now obeys render/glue format option .
    • fixed reported state of 'Toggle track zoom to minimum height' .
    • 'Minimize all tracks' no longer toggles .
    • 'Monitoring FX: toggle bypass' now reports state
  • Media explorer:
    • configurable pitch shift knob range, options to move in semitones or quarter tones
    • option to preserve pitch shift setting when changing media
    • control+drag to horizontally zoom peaks preview display
    • do not stop preview playback when selecting folders
    • fixed zipper noises when changing preview volume
    • improved interaction with audio device closing
    • improved selection behavior in native listview mode
  • MIDI:
    • added option to consolidate MIDI as .MID file
    • fixed channel filter in MIDI source properties .
    • added mouse modifier context for ruler marker/region lanes, scroll/zoom support
    • display MIDI program name in event list view
    • actions to replace or merge MIDI note names
    • improved editor ruler display
  • FX:
    • fixed Program Change menu item issues .
    • fixed AU and VST plugin window and generic UI refresh on factory preset changes via MIDI PC or API
    • added support for linking JSFX preset to MIDI Program Change
    • JSFX OSX retina support for UIs, set gfx_ext_retina to 1 in @init, check for 2 in @gfx
    • JSFX pin mapper properly ignores output pin assignments when JSFX have no outputs defined
  • Windows:
    • insert media files menu/action uses Vista+ file browser, if relevant
    • allow choosing audio thread priority for non-ASIO modes, (default) MMCSS support
    • WaveOut, Kernel Streaming, and WASAPI modes use device names for configuration
    • WASAPI bug fixes, compatibility and performance improvements
  • Localization:
    • fix for window titles supporting multiple code pages
    • fixed potential misbehaviors in the MIDI Editor
    • fixed marker/region import .
  • Performance meter:
    • additional ReaMote column when ReaMote is enabled
    • optimized display, sortable columns
  • Render:
    • fixed incorrect peak drawing used with resampling .
    • new idle-priority offline rendering options
  • Audio Units: use new Audio Unit API for increased compatibility on 10.6 and newer
  • FX Browser: right-click menu can insert FX with user preset loaded
  • JS/midi_humanizer: fixed note-offs (thanks DarkStar)
  • Main menu: audio device status shows physical interface channel counts, not virtualized channel counts
  • Media item properties: HMSF time mode for item position/length
  • Mixer: 'Go to send destination' tweaks .
  • Mouse modifiers: reverse handscroll zoom behavior is now a global preference rather than a separate mouse modifier .
  • Project Bay: fixed changing FX presets from bay
  • Project settings: improved media format options for glue/apply fx/etc
  • Region/Marker manager: fixed text filter not being restored .
  • RS5k: fixed UI issues with parameter automation/modulation .
  • Theme: fix for clipped master track fader text
  • Track manager: option to automatically scroll to selected track works when selecting tracks outside of the track manager
  • Transport: fixed labels for transport docked actions, other buglets
  • Undo: changing track selection via right-click creates an undo point (if the related option is enabled, in preferences/general)
  • API:
    • GetSetObjectState/GetSetObjectState2 support take envelopes
    • added GetSelectedEnvelope
    • added IsREAPER (vs running in ReaMote)
    • added ReverseNamedCommandLookup
    • added SetProjectMarker4 and SetProjectMarkerByIndex2 (which are able to clear marker/region names)
    • added Splash_GetWnd (to allow display of error messages over the splash)
    • fixed TrackFX_SetPresetByIndex and TrackFX_NavigatePresets .
    • plugin extensions can register post-action hooks .
Is That All of It?
Yes. The REAPER installer is complete and self-contained. There is nothing else to download.

REAPER contains no loop or sample libraries, no crippled evaluation versions of other software, no arbitrary hardware or software restrictions and absolutely no invasive copy protection system.

Included are over a dozen top-quality 64-bit ReaPlugs, the celebrated Elastique 2 real-time pitch shifting engine, full REX support, and literally hundreds of user-programmable effects.